Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
An Ongoing Internet Novelette
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2019 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
Cherry Keyboards and Coffee

Monday, September 23, 2019
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    I have been off my property for ten months, finally returning to stay just yesterday afternoon. Fortunately, with a hotspot, a computer, and a smart phone, staying in touch and getting things done is still possible. The computer has been the link to our home community and the outside world in general during our time away.

    I have been building my own desktop systems for years, and one component I cannot do without is my Cherry, G80-3000 MX 104 key keyboard with the MX blue-stem switches. For those not familiar with the Cherry company, it was founded in 1953 by Walter Cherry. They make numerous types of high quality switches. The German-designed and manufactured keyboard switches come in a number of styles and functions. The blue switches give a tactile and audible click. Other styles, identified by the stem color, are tactile yet silent, some are smooth acting and silent, and some even illuminate.

    I left home with my CPU, but without my mouse, monitor, keyboard, etc. After evacuation I bought the bare essentials to get the computer operational including a replacement for the keyboard. After about six months the new keyboard failed and a number of keys lost function.

    I contacted Cherry Americas and they asked a few questions such as was I using a USB connection and what operating system I have. They asked me to return the keyboard to them and stated it would be repaired or replaced.

    I included a letter in the parcel with a copy of the receipt, my address and other relevant data, and I added:

    PS. I love your keyboards! My first Cherry keyboard I had for years but lost it in the recent California fires last November. The one I am returning was the replacement I bought as soon as we found a temporary place to stay. Before I sent this G80-3000 keyboard to you I have bought another on which I am typing this letter! I could not go a day without a Cherry keyboard!

    When the replacement arrived I was surprised to find these included with the parcel:

cherry cups

    I wrote back:

    I do not know if it was you who included the "surprise" coffee cups with my warranty replacement keyboard, but I want to thank "the Cherry Team" for the very kind gift and equally wonderful note. As you may have seen from my e-mail signature, I have been involved with the coffee industry in the past and still am very involved in the coffee community. These two Cherry coffee cups will become a cherished, and well-used part of my coffee center in the new home.
    Once again, thank you!

from Randy G.
One enthusiast's coffee journey
Coffee and Espresso info

    I received this e-mail reply:

    Hi Randy,
    Iím glad you like the cups. I saw your email signature and asked our marketing department for a couple cups. Have a great day!

    So, if you despise $14 membrane keyboards as I do, and you are looking for a quality keyboard with excellent customer service, Give Cherry a try.

Coffee Cup
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