Coffee Cup
"Espresso! My Espresso!"
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by Randy Glass - Copyright 2021 - All rights reserved

Coffee Cup
A Little Sneak Preview of My New Coffee Bar
Saturday, March 13, 2021

all text and photos ©2021 - All rights reserved

   Things are coming to a conclusion with my new home build. We are weeks away! Without going into all the sordid details we have experienced dealing with numerous contractors hired by or working for the company building the home, it has gone fairly well. Most have been fun, educational and friendly. And even the County Building Dept. inspectors have not only been easy to deal with but every last one answered all my questions and gave lots of hints and tips. Considering the three month hassle of getting the building permit, two evacuations from fires (not counting the one that took our home), and a recent 8” snowfall we are still optimistic.

   But this website is not about home construction, how to choose interior colors to accentuate your astrological sign, nor how to feng shui your tamper collection.

   Here is a small sneak-preview of one portion of my soon-to-be coffee bar. From the beginning I have planned for my espresso machine to be plumbed. Because the top of the island bar is one piece of beautiful granite I did not want to bore holes through it. But the back splash is travertine tiles and offered an excellent opportunity from the start. Here is how the recently installed tiles look:

tile in

So the solution as to how to plumb was simple:

tile in

   I was able to work with the tile installer to make sure that one full tile was where I needed it, and I had previously cut the lower holes inside the cabinet and drywall. I roughcut the hole in the drywall for the fill line and the drain line today as seen in the second photo with the tile removed. The tiles are freshly installed and not yet sealed so they look a bit dull here.

   My plan is to drill out the tile for a “custom fit” for the hoses. I have a number of spare tiles on hand.. just in case!

   Once the tile is in place I can 'seal' the edges with a thin latex caulk which will be easily removable.

   The open space behind the tile drops all the way to the base 2x4 behind the dead space between the right hand cabinet and the center cabinet. A second hole below the counter top opens into that dead space, and that hole roughly aligns with one in the side of the cabinet which opens to the plumbing for the island. The holes are large enough for a hand and arm to reach through to retrieve the lines as they are fed through.

More to come.. soon I hope.

Coffee Cup
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