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Espresso and Coffee Links

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Home Roasting Resources
Bald Mountain Coffee Company
Coffee Bean Corral and their Blog
Hottop Americas - USA home of the Hottop Coffee Roaster since November 2021
INeedCoffee - non-commercial information - Roasting
RK Drums - Stainless Steel BBQ grill coffee roasting drum fits on the rotisserie rod Link:
Roastmasters.com - Home coffee roasting equipment, supplies, green coffee, roasters, espresso machines, etc.

Brewing and Drinking
Aaron's Flavored Syrup - Personal reviews of various commercial flavoring syrups.
INeedCoffee - non-commercial information - Brewing
INeedCoffee - non-commercial information - Recipes
Latte Art 101
Latte Art Video
Milk Texturing and Pouring
The Vacuum Coffee Pot - Brian Harris' amazing vacuum brewing website

General Espresso and Coffee Links
All About Coffee, by William H. Ukers - Project Gutenberg. Originally published in 1922
CoffeeForums.com - Coffee discussion forums, chat, talk and java lounge
Coffee Research.org
Coffee Universe
CoffeeGeek.com User reviews, forums, and more
The Coffee Experts Group - of Victoria B.C. Canada
The Espresso Index
Gourmet Coffee Shop.net - Informational gourmet coffee site
INeedCoffee - non-commercial information
Jim Schulman's Insanely Long Water FAQ in PDF format
Old Coffee Roasters - 19th Century Roasters and Vac Pot collection
The Rainforest Alliance helps protect ecosystems and the people and wildlife that depend on them.
The Slow Food - International Movement Home Page
The Unofficial Coffee FAQ - by Scott Rothstein
Virtual Coffee - the web's hottest quarterly coffee zine

Machine-Specific Info and Assistance
Dolce Vita Espresso - machine installation and repair by appointment (Los Angeles area)