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Just read it.... What more can I say?
Just read it.... What more can I say?
Specializing in equine and other animal photography, photo restoration,
logo creation, brochures, advertisements, flyers, and more!

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Photographic Services
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    Horses are amazing animals. There is so much to see and marvel at in their motion, and so much gentle energy to capture when they are at rest. In this slide show you will see a sampling of the equine images I have captured. Check out my work here and then feel free to contact me for more information and to make an appointment.
    You may have noticed the chestnut thoroughbred which photographed so magnificiently (in the icon to the left). Earlier in the year that horse was very close to death due to being abandoned in a field with no feed for an extended period of time. Check out the before and after pictures of "Slow N Easy" HERE.
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    I had a great time at the annual Camelot Ride 'n Dine on October 16. Here is a photographic slideshow of a few of the beautiful horses to be seen there.
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I have been taking photos of our pets for years. Whether in the zoo I call home or in the outdoors, pets make wonderful subjects. This slide show represents a small sampling for your viewing pleasure. A photograph of your beloved dog or cat (or lizard, snake, or tarantula) is a wonderful way to capture their personality for all time.

Graphic Art Services
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Creating logos is a specialized area that takes a lot of communication between client and artist. Here are some logos I have done for myself as well as for some of my clients. These do not necessarily represent what would work for you.

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Old photographs often suffer over time. Their life can be shortened by fading, rips and tears, decomposition, color shift, and even water damage- these can all be dealt with in many cases. I digitize the photos and then restore them digitally. Most damaged or aged photos can be repaired or improved. I can also remove unwanted portions or objects in the image (such as a telephone pole or fence in the background that distracts from the subject matter). Here are some examples to demonstrate what is possible.

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An owners manual can say a lot about your company and its products. Beyond that, it can help lessen owner-induced product failure, technical phone calls, and service calls, and increase owner safety in some cases. Here are two manuals I have created. With twenty years as a teacher combined with my writing and graphic arts skills, if I can understand it, I can write a manual for it.

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Advertising comes in many forms- print ads, business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, and more. If you are going to spend the money to run a print advertisement or create other advertising or promotional medium, don't skimp on its creation- do it once, and do it right. Check out some of the examples I have created. If you need to create advertising media, let's talk!

The Ubiquitous "Other"
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Being a teacher, I can teach just about anything I know. Here are some photography and graphic arts classes I have ready to go... mostly.

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The ego-driven portion of all websites where the owner is allowed to remove his own horn from its case and blow it. But this page is limited to my art, graphic arts, and photography background. I'll leave my harmonica playing for another website and another day.

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