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Just read it.... What more can I say?
Just read it.... What more can I say?
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About Me

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    I have been interested in art since fifth grade.. That was before there were computers. Before we had the opportunity to download fonts, in my commercial art classes we created our own type faces! Oh, so very long ago. I began my photographic interest in college, first using large format cameras where we loaded film into slides for the big bellows camera, and later using my grandfather's Argus C3, "The Brick" (which I still have). After I earned my B.A. in Art I became more seriously interested in photography. Beginning in 1976 I spent a lot of time with my Olympus 35mm SLR cameras, but have not looked back since entering the digital age nearly two decades ago.
    I began in the digital graphic arts in January 1992 when I took over the Feather River Canyon News. This small paper that served the greater Yankee Hill area and surrounding small mountain communities gave me a lot of experience in creating advertising, layout, and writing many articles. One of my tasks each month was taking the ":Student of the Month" photos at out two local schools. I loved being able to show the students their images immediately after capturing them, and it was that joy of instant-feedback that was an important creative tool for me as well.
    The Internet came along not too long after I started running that "FRCN paper" as it was so often referred to. Without going into the minutiae of the journey, the Internet led me to using my skills to widen my business horizons by creating banner advertisements, print ads, websites, flyers, owners manuals, and more, some of which you will see on the pages of this website.
    I have always loved taking photos of my pets, and so my joy of living with animals coupled with my artistic side and photography all come together. It gives me an insight into animals and the ability to capture not just their images, but their personalities as well.

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