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Just read it.... What more can I say?
Just read it.... What more can I say?
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The Saving of a Life

Rescued three days earlier.
Photo taken on April, 8, 2010 by owner
Less than 5 months later, after proper care
Photo taken on August 27, 2010 by FRCN Digital Imaging

In the weeks after being adopted from a rescue organization, Easy's behavior made it fairly clear that he had been mistreated. His medical conditions included dental problems, ulcerated cheeks from the dental problems, likely stomach ulcers, tender and weak feet, hind feet infected with thrush, a canker in one rear foot, a screw in one front knee (most likely from a racing-related injury- he was once a winning racer), an advanced and wide-spread case of rain rot, and was obviously dangerously under-nourished. For more information on this story, and the details on how this beautiful horse was brought back to health and happiness in such a relatively short time, contact Sally Hugg at California Trace.

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