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Just read it.... What more can I say?
Just read it.... What more can I say?
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   PHOTOGRAPHY While I cannot make a living at it, I certainly do enjoy teaching. I put my enjoyment for photography together with my knowledge of photography and art and created classes aimed at the novice or pure beginner. While I cannot magically make you a better photographer, there are things you can learn to improve your images. I have broken the subject matter into two courses:
- Most digital cameras have functions that can help you take better pictures and I can explain these in simple language that you can understand. There are also some tips and tricks that can make what would have been a plain photo more interesting.
- The second is making the best use of photo enhancement programs to improve bad photos. I have presented these classes before to excellent response.     Not all students have the same needs. This class can easily be modified to suit the audience. It works well to run them in multiple parts so that the students can practice what they have learned and then bring in images to share.
    POWERPOINT: If you have ever attended a class where the presenter used Powerpoint as a teaching media then the odds are that you have seen a bad presentation. Few people have the expertise to be a good teacher or presenter and create interesting Powerpoint presentations and make best use of them. I have attended a few such presentations which were mind numbing at best and at times painful to the point of forcing me to walk out. I decided that it would never happen again. This class will be customized to meet the needs of the audience. Contact me for details and availability.

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