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Just read it.... What more can I say?
Just read it.... What more can I say?
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Logo Design

    A logo becomes the visual identity of your business. It has to represent you and your efforts and be easily recognizable and unique. Consider how recognizable the logos of Coca Cola, General Mills, and Campbell's are and you get the idea.
    With the ability to create logos using photography or graphic arts, I can assist you in creating a design that suits your needs. Here are some logos I have designed for myself and others.
RMC logo
Image property of Rick Mayer Cycle
Used here with permission
The Rick Mayer Cycle logo was my first commercial logo contract. It was designed to be used in many ways, particularly for embroidery. This one was also done in a way that allows it to be used in virtually any size from millimeters to feet. While it looks very simple, it took many hours of design and communication with the client to develop this.
Ben Kaatz Photography logo
Image property of Ben Kaatz Photography
Used here with permission
I designed this one for a good friend. He is a pro photographer based in Seaside, Ca. He supplied the image of his daughter and we worked together to create the logo.
FRCN logo
This was the final iteration of first logo I created for myself. The feather is my photograph of a turkey vulture feather.
FRCNdigital logo
When I began this FRCN Digital Imaging business it was designed as an offshoot of the newspaper so it seemed only right to continue on the same logo theme. Note the reflection of the feather in the lens in the center of the logo, done in memory of our community's newspaper, now out of the print business.
EME logo
This is the logo I use for my coffee website. Thew round design seemed to be a logical choice around the coffee cup. The cup is a digital creation. The coffee is a photograph of espresso. The "latte art" milk on the espresso is digitally created in multiple layers.
BluezINa logo
I created this for a blues group of which I was a member.
play to live
I created this for fun. The hat is a photo of a real fedora, and the harmonica is a photo as well. While it was never used as a logo, it serves as a good example of my abilities in this area of digital imaging..
PBB logo
Yet another of my logo creations for another of my musical groups. You might have seen us play the Chico Summer Concert Series in '09.

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