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Just read it.... What more can I say?
Just read it.... What more can I say?
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Image Enhancement and Restoration

    There are times when a photo, on its own merit, has potential, but because of some unwanted or objects which distract from the subject, the image lacks visual allure. Here is an example of that:

cakes before   cakes after

    The digital removal of the fencing made a huge difference in the quality of this photo. Having a photogenic area where the photo is captured is best, and more economical, but sometimes that is not possible and it's great to be able to save an image in this way that might not otherwise have been captured.

    There are some images that lend themselves to special effects. A little artistic touch can can take a photo from simple to sensational. Here is an example:

enhance before     enkancement after
(NOTE: I have purposely blurred the boy's face. I had attempted to
procure a release but was not able to contact the guardian of the young man

    As time goes by, many old and precious photographs are lost due to fading, deterioration of the paper, damage from light and moisture, or physical damage from handling or poor mounting techniques. Accidents happen, but in many cases I can help. Even when portions of a photograph are missing things can be done. Here is an old photo from about 1964 which my wife possessed. It was damaged by water from a leaky roof and was stuck to another photo. The restoration speaks for itself, don't you think?

old before    old after
(NOTE: These are low-resolution scans of the images.
Actual finished photo was of much higher quality.

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