Bonavita BV2000SC Digital Scale
Monday, May 5, 2014
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2014 - All rights reserved

    In the past I never looked into Bonavita that closely. WHile they sell a nice assortment of items for coffee preparation including drip machines, gooseneck kettles, and cordless, temperature-controlled kettles among other items, I just never was in the market for another set of equipment for yet another brewing style. But a desire to upgrade one piece of equipment led to Bonavita.
    A few years ago I purchased a bargain digital scale at an auction site for weighing my espresso doses. At the time it was more of an experiment to see if 0.1 gram resolution was worth the trouble. As the quality of my equipment increased as did my skills, I found that such accuracy did indeed have its benefits. But even though the scale had a resolution of 0.1 grams, its response rate was quite slow and I was beginning to question its repeatability. So for the last few months I was looking for a deal on a quality scale. And a deal I did find!
    Amazon had a sale that was seemingly too good to be true, that ended up being true. They had the Bonavita BV2000SC digital glass-top scale seen above, photographed on my coffee cart! Amazon had it for about $30 and jumped on the deal. I couldn't be happier. The BV2000SC is a very high-quality instrument and very well designed for use around a coffee area. So much so that I could end this review right here by saying, "Go buy one!" but you know me better than that. Some of the features include:

  • It is sealed to protect against leaks and drips
  • Can runs on batteries (three AAA)
  • Includes a wall wart so batteries are not necessary
  • Buttons are sealed, touch-style so no worry about grounds or drips damaging mechanical switches.
  • It measures in 0.1 gram increments
  • Has a capacity of 3kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Selectable unit measurements of grams, ounces or pounds (the "Mode" button).
  • Weight is easily zeroed or tared out using the "Z/T" button
  • Has a one-touch count-up timer function for timed brewing. Touch once to start, again to stop, and a third time to zero out
  • Timer and scale can function concurrently
  • One button tares out weight or zeros out the timer
  • Stainless steel case
  • Tempered glass top
  • Easy-to-read, backlit LCD display with 10mm tall digits
  • Very fast refresh rate (virtually instantaneous)
  • No auto-off, so no more worries about losing you measurement in the middle of a session
        The strain gauge is very sensitive and apparently placed under the single center platform support and the platrom moves very smoothly. So much so that there have been a few times where I was right between two measurements (such as 15.9 and 16.0 grams) and it cycled between, changing at a decreasing rate until it settled in on one.
        With all that in mind, the Bonavita booth at the SCAA Exhibition was on my list of "must see" exhibits. I spoke with Jim Peterson, Director of U.S. Sales, and mentioned that I was trying to decide how to write a review of the scale, and when I told him the review could just be, "Buy it," he laughed. I do think anyone who gets their hands on one would see the humor as well as the truth in that.

    There are three versions of this scale:
    (press photos for the following three images)
    The Bonavita BV2000SC . It retails for $89.99
    The Bonavita BV2000SCDT which comes with a drip tray. It retails for $94.99
    The Bonavita BV2000SCLS which comes with the drip tray and pour-over stand. It retails for $109.99

        As I walked around the show floor in Seattle I saw this scale in use in more booths than I would have liked to count. The reasons above are why. If there is anything negative to say about it, I would say that it is not a pocket scale at approximately 6" wide by 8" deep and 2" tall. And it would have been nice it the buttons were color coded or the ON/OFF was separated, but that is really a very minor thought more than a complaint.
        So in conclusion, and pardon my redundancy, buy this scale.