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iRoast2 Owners Manual
by Randy Glass - Copyright 2013 - All rights reserved

      The iRoast and iRoast2 has been unavailable for quite some time now. A reader asked if I had the manual for it and I did, so I scanned it and compiled it into a PDF file that can be printed as a booklet. This reprint includes the addendum for later models which I added into the file. The basic printing instructions are: 1 - Open the linked file in Adobe Reader or other suitable PDF application
2 - Print - select landscape printing and the print option to print odd number pages only
3 - Collate in reverse order from the way printer spits them out and reinsert in printer's paper feed tray
4 - On the other side of the pages pages you just printed, print only even number pages (PDF page 2 should print on the backside of PDF page 1
Note that I am NOT referring to the page numbers printed on most of teh pages in the booklet itself!
5 - Recolate and fold in half in booklet

DOWNOLAD the PDF file HERE. I suggest right-click and select to save the file insted of viewing it in your browser.